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By Diver Festival

En / עב


Photos by Noa Simhayof Shahaf



Choreography, text, performance, production: Savyon

Artistic consultant: Ido Feder

Music consultant and original music: Yuval Shenhar

Costume: Tamar Ben Cnaan

The work was created in a municipal shelter by the Tel Aviv municipality.

We are thrown into the constantly disappearing world, into an emptiness disguised as abundance. Equipped with a certain "I", we have no other choice but to search and ask: Who inserted the explosives in the big bang? The cosmic game - deterministic, random, causal or intentional? The world wherever it exists - discrete or continuous, separate or unified, particle or wave? What is this "I" and where is all the knowledge? How to sore exactly to the extent, how to land in order to transcend? Agnostica Poetica is a disturbed oracle moving between tremendous wonder and existential anxiety. She appears at the museum to demand answers and to become.


Performance artist, poet, dancer and probabilist. Her works range between the physical and the literal, the real and the virtual, the fixed and the incidental. Savyon won the Danceweb scholarship award in the frame of Impulstanz Festival (AT), former fellow as a performance artist at Akademie Schloss Solitude (DE), received the “Outstanding Dancer” status (IL). Studied at Kelim choreography center and at Vertigo dance program. Graduated with an honors dual degree at the school of mathematical sciences and the faculty of social sciences at Tel-Aviv University.

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