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By Diver Festival

En / עב


Photos by Avner Mayer


Shiran Eliaserov (Berlin)

Choreography, direction and editing: Shiran Eliaserov

Cinematographer: Avner Mayer

Color grading: Johan Planefeldt

Dramaturgy: Yoav Admoni

Costumes: Shiran Eliaserov

Sound Editing: Shiran Eliaserov

Performers creators: Tamar Lamm, Michiru Shin, Saad Mansour, Gon Biran, Hadas Tuval, Itzhak Eliezerov, Zohara kedem

Production: Sigal Dahan

Special thanks to: Kelim Choreography Center and Kerem Shemi

Available from:  9/10  •  Saturday  •  22:00

Online Dance Movie  •  40 minuets  •  30 ILS

Will be available to watch throughout the festival

To purchase the password please pay here and write your full name and email address, it will be sent to you via email. 

She’eriot Muvnot is a continuation of Shiran Eliaserov’s research around the potentialities of myth-making through the excavation of metaphor, performative action, and object-centered social relations.


In the prior piece, Beyond Control, which was performed in the Parochial Church in Berlin, she examined the ecstatic potential of various rope practices and the ways power condenses itself in the material and metaphor of "the Rope”. 

In the second work, presented in the gym of Hausburgschule, Eliaserov expands her research on rope practices into the realm of sports training, exposing their possible origins as survival techniques, and questioning what can still be learned from them today.


The film She’eriot Muvnot was conceived as an interactive installation between performers and spectators inside a sports hall. The performers were invited to go through a joint transformative process, interweaving its symbolic and aesthetic dimensions to open up a space at the intersection of history, myth, and fiction. Through this work, Eliaserov asks the question of what is left beyond the remains of our constructed past. What are we “practicing” for and as a consequence, what is held in our bodies?

Shiran Eliaserov

An international choreographer, performer and video artist. Eliaserov completed her studies at SEAD Salzburg for experimental dance and received a master's degree with excellency in choreography from the HZT (University Academic Center Tanz - Berlin). In 2016 she launched Holytropic specializing in dance films that have won awards and success around the world. Shiran is currently working on a language of extreme situations in movement and sound  with a film stunt woman as part of the Biennale of Contemporary Art in Ural, Russia

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