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By Diver Festival

En / עב



Iris Lana, Dr. Yael (Yali) Nativ

Friday 22/10  •  11:00

Kelim Choreography Center  •  90 minutes  •  Donation

“Creatures of Dance” is a podcast on contemporary dance in Israel. It premiered in the end of December 2020 with the aim to create discourse about what’s happening here and now in the world of dance. We will discuss with May Zarhy, Uri Shafir and Sharon Zuckerman Weiser about the meaning of talking in dance: what we should talk about, should listen to, and will talk about in the future.


The podcast is part of ‘Tights: Dance & Thought’. The podcast was produced in collaboration with The Cultural Diplomacy Bureau at The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The podcast is supported by the Choreographers Association and by the Ministry of Culture and Sport. 

Recording and editing happened at Poscastico, Eshel Studios, and Ozen Muzikalit Recording Studio. 

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