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By Diver Festival

En / עב


Photos by Noa Simhayof Shahaf


Ana Wild & Johanna Markert

By: Ana Wild and Johanna Markert

Book design: Dekel Bobrov

Performed by: Amit Tine, Tamar Even-Chen and Itamar Banai

"May I disappear in order that those things that I see may become perfect in their beauty from the very fact that they are no longer things that I see. . .

To see a landscape as it is when I am not there. . .

When I am in any place, I disturb the silence of heaven and earth by my breathing and the beating of my heart.״

(Simon Weil, Gravity and Grace)


A play to be read outdoors.

ana wild

A performance and installation artist. Graduate of The School of Visual Theatre, Jerusalem (2011) and DasArts, Amsterdam (2015). She is a young girl, a graceful punk, a memorization maven, interested in voice, in speaking, in words, in knowledge-structures, in anthropology, history, mythology, poetry, electricity, in creation ex-nihilo, in musicality, learning, understanding, repetition, cyclicality, in Hebrew, English, French, Arabic, in translation, in print, in magic, in adventure, in friendship, in agency, and in power.

Johanna Markert

A curator based in Berlin and co-director of the non-profit arts organization anorak. With a background in Fine Art and English literature, her practice oscillated between an interest in narratology, translation, and exhibition-making on the one hand and artistic practice on the other. In 2018/19 she was a curatorial fellow at Akademie Schloss Solitude, Germany.

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