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By Diver Festival

En / עב


Photos by Daphna Rennert


Maayan Cohen Marciano (Israel)

Choreography: Maayan Cohen Marciano

Dancers and creators: Michal Samama, Adi Shildan

Artistic consultation: Ari Teperberg

The work was created in the residency program at Kelim Choreography Center, and supported by the Mifal Hapais council for culture and art, Yehoshua Rabinovich Tel Aviv foundation for arts, and Tel Aviv municipality.

Friday 22/10 at 13:00  •  Saturday 23/10 at 13:00

Kelim Choreography Center  •  60 min  •  80 ILS

In No man's land, Maayan Cohen Marciano continues her work with the nude body. With collaborators Adi Shildan and Michal Samama, they use the nude body's ability to be always present simultaneously within and between different territories. Using well-formulated movement mechanisms, their bodies break apart and reassemble, release and reclaim cultural and social contexts, and acquire new essences and meanings. They create a temporary autonomy in which they redefine the bodily, feminine, architectural, audial, and performative space.

*The performance includes nudity

Maayan Cohen Marciano

A choreographer and dancer. She is a M.A student in the Interdisciplinary Program in Arts, Tel Aviv University. She holds a BA in movement and choreography from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance and is a graduate of the Haifa Training Workshop for Dancers and Choreographers. Maayan has presented her work in varied festivals, museums, and galleries such as: Intimadance and A-Genre Festivals, Tmuna Theatre, Habait theatre, Kelim Choreography Center, Hangar Adama, International Exposure, Heaven and Earth Festival, OYM festival, (Eindhoven Holland), Circe Platform (Tbilisi, Georgia), Bible Lands Museum The unique pasaz exhibition (TLV) inspired by Walter Benjamin work. Maayan has been selected to participate with a full scholarship in the BIDE events Barcelona. Her works are spread over various creative channels, such as body-based art, Hip Hop culture, and performance art.

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