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By Diver Festival

En / עב


Photos by Ohad Fishof


Noa Zuk (Israel)

Choreography & performance: Noa Zuk

Artistic consultation: Keren Lurie Pardes

Music & external eye: Ohad Fishof

Video: Daniel Pakes

Costumes: Eran Shanny

Friday 15/10 at 14:00  •  Saturday 16/10 at 21:00

Inbal Theatre, Suzanne Dellal Center  •  50 minuets  •  90 ILS

This is the first time that I create a long solo work for myself. The work uses movement material from previous pieces, put in a new context, as well as new ideas and materials. Out of a dialogue with my own past and its implications on my life today and on the unknown future, my work has emerged, attempting to consolidate the times.


I dance since I can remember. The feeling is that dance chose me and not the other way around, is still prominently present in my life. I investigate my own being in movement, in every moment, and by doing so I fulfill myself.

This work crystallized slowly, without pre-planning, after spending a long while in an elongated nothingness, in liquid time, lost in thoughts about an unknown future. Layers of familiar defenses were shed off during this period in my life. A wide range of feelings had surfaced, carrying with it new cravings and longings and a desire to go back to the elementary experience of meeting myself by myself.

Noa Zuk

Was a dancer with Batsheva Dance Company for 12 years. She began her career as a choreographer in 2009. Since then she has performed her work in many settings independently, in Israel and abroad, and was invited to create for companies around the world. Noa has a long-term creative collaboration with multidisciplinary artist Ohad Fishof, with whom she creates dance work for the stage for the camera. Noa teaches and conducts workshops at the Jerusalem Academy for Music and Dance, The Ga'aton workshop, The Maslool dancers training track, and at various academic and professional settings around the world.

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