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By Diver Festival

En / עב



Hila Gluskinos

By and performance: Hila Gluskinos

Lyrics and melody: Hila Gluskinos

Artistic consultant: Faye Shapiro 

Lyrics for “The Sun Ilands”: Dahlia Ravikovitch

Melody for “The Sun Ilands”: Sara Levi Tanai

Musical production for “The Sun Ilands”: Gilbert Broid

Harp: Eyal Freedman

Troubadour - Anxious Fantastic Concert Performance.

An evening of minimalistic courtesy tunes, songs of praise for the cutting turns that the universe can take, for the islands long forgotten over time, for the imagination, which comes as a leader and gives its signals to the angel of history, who wonders especially about history’s end.

Hila Gluskinos

Born 1989 in Tiberias, studied at the Professional Dance Workshop at Kibbutz Ga'aton(2009) and the Nissan Nativ Acting Studio(2016). She works mainly in Tel Aviv and Germany, and has created and participated in theatre performances and dance pieces as well as worked as an actress in independent films and video artworks. Some of her collaborators include: Jason Danino-Holt, Ariel Sereni Brown, Ana Wild, Uri Zamir, Maya Landsmann, Reut Shemesh and Michal Samama.

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